30 Best CBD Oil Companies Of 2019

In this article, we’ve established a ranking system for the best CBD oil companies in the fast growing CBD industry. We hope you find it useful!

It’s fair to say that the CBD market is thriving. According to market intelligence company Hemp Business Journal, $130 million worth of products containing the cannabinoid were bought in the U.S. in 2016. And that figure is only set to rise in the years to come, the data analyst believes. Indeed, the source estimates that consumer sales of CBD goods will total an astounding $2.1 billion by 2020 – buoyed, perhaps, by claims that the usage of such products can help alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain, depression and diabetes, to name but a few conditions.


In order to determine which companies were included on this best cbd oil list and how they were ranked, each prominent provider on the market (Note: we pulled our list of brands from other established and credible CBD rankings like: this one and this one.) was allocated six individual Rank Scores based on their performance in the following metrics:

• Potency: The range in strength and maximum potency (in milligrams) of the company’s core CBD oils.

• Purity: The percentage of CBD and/or cannabidiolic acid contained in the company’s products.

• Innovation: The company’s range and variety of products for different needs and tastes.

• Value: The cost of the company’s core product, as measured against the average for equivalent products currently on the market. The cheapest and most expensive products in the company’s range were also measured against the average.

• Quality: Whether or not the company tests its products for quality and makes the results easily accessible.

• User Experience: Whether educational information is available on the company’s website – and, if so, how easy it is to find. Whether the company offers a money-back guarantee was also considered, as were user ratings, which were derived from the following two sources